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Parts and Accessories

Steering Box  Brace


Provides secure mounting for the steering box. It has enough holding strength to secure the steering box even if the 2 original ears were disconnected from the frame! We don’t recommend using it this way, but incorporating this brace is the only “Absolutely Safe” solution to this defect.


A black anodized 1/8” steel plate with all the hardware necessary, instructions, and a new drill bit to insure easy drilling of the 2 holes through the frame. No welding!


$66.95 plus $5 shipping and handling






Swimming  Step


This swimming step allows adults easy entrance back into the Amphicar after swimming. The step slides into the jack receptacle and is secured by an elastic strap provided. In the event that it is accidentally dropped into the water before being installed, it floats!


The step has a black-painted steel frame and a treated wood step. The top and bottom of the wooden step are chamfered for looks and safety.


$59.95 plus $6 shipping and handling.




Engine Dip Stick


Checking the oil will be a pleasure instead of a “contortionists exercise”. It exits near the carburetor and faces the passenger’s side of the car. The 12” steel outer tube is sealed to the block and is watertight.


Don’t forget that when you exit the water via a steep ramp, it doesn’t take much water in the subfloor to allow some of it to flow into the engine oil through the original “too low” dipstick! Water in the oil has been a problem for lots of Amphicar owners.


$94.95 plus $5 shipping and handling







Tranny Dip stick


Now you can check the road tranny oil level and it’s condition via a dipstick located in the engine compartment. To be absolutely safe, the oil should be checked before you use the car every time! The road tranny is where the water ends up when the double lip seal fails. You need to know immediately, unless you want to learn about the cost of  tranny rebuilding.


Let’s face it; most owners only check the trans level once a year because it is a big project or they simply don’t know.


The water trannny can now be easily checked with the club dipstick by simply removing the seat cushion (not the support system below it). Simply remove the trim ring. Reach down and remove the tranny vent and check the level.


$94.95 plus $6 for shipping and handling.






Magnetic  Drain Plugs


All 3 drain plugs (engine, land and water trans) have a pressed-in magnet to trap steel particles, rust or other ferrous grit that can cause undue wear in your Amphi's mechanicals. Cheap insurance! And Gord Souter’s photos have shown us what the inside of a 40 year old tranny can look like. All the more reason to magnetize your drain plugs. $14.95 per plug, $43.95 for all 3, plus $5 shipping and handling.  A $3 core charge per plug. 


Easy to Remove-and-Install Land Tranny Drain Plug


This deluxe model land tranny drain plug has two steel pins that make it a cinch to perform one of the trickiest of Amphicar maintenance tasks: draining the land tranny lubricant. The pins do not affect the amount of available wrench space. Just $21.95, or add just $10 for an optional installed magnet for a total of $31.95, plus $5 shipping and handling. $3 core charge



Desert Environment Amphicar Parking Capsule



per quote


Flag Support


This simple system supports your flag on the stern light pole.


$3.45 plus $1.50  for shipping and handling if ordered alone, free if ordered with other items



Easy-to-Reach PVC Bilge Plug kit


For Amphis with the large bilge plug.Glue in the female PVC recepticle in your bilge hole (epoxy not provided), then just thread in the PVC plug. A crescent wrench works fine, or a socket on a extended crank-type extension tool is the ultimate. The kit includes 2 plugs! Keep the extra in the car. You will never have to admit that you forgot the plug!


$26.95 plus $5 shipping and handling





Rear Pull Kit


This pull system will help you get your Amphicar free when pulling from the front is not an option. The rear bumpers do not compare to the strength of the front hook, but if the mounting points are not rusted and are reinforced with fender washers, one can gently and evenly pull. Don't forget; jerking is not allowed! With the wrong move, you might tear the rear bumpers off and the leaks that will result might cause a real problem!

The system includes 2 cloth straps, a 20' plastic-coated steel cable with a large, high-quality pulley, a 25' cloth strap, and all with quick-disconnect connectors. It can be stored in a water-tight container (not included) in the trunk of your Amphicar.

My theory is: "If I have it, I'll probably never need it".

For prices, contact me and I will figure it based on exactly what you need (most people already have some of the necessary components)





Stainless Steel Parking Brake Cable


A stainless steel braided cable replaces the steel cable. This parking brake cable (2 required per car) is pre-assembled and is identical to the stock cable assembly. All new parts are included as in the photo. The only difference from a stock one is that you will never need to replace it again!


$109.95 plus $5 shipping and handling




Easy-to-Weld-in Land Tranny Drain Access Plug


This 1 5/8” steel plug threads into a custom steel recepticle that is welded into the hull.  The exact location of the hole you drill into the hull is included. A talented mig welder operator is needed. It is installed while your tranny is in the car!


It is absolutely safe. It is stronger than the original hull: this plug will not leak!  A length oft teflon tape is included to be sure that it is water tight.


Price: per quote.






Desert Environment Amphicar Parking Capsule


Anytime that you park your car, simply drive into this clear tent-like structure and the rusting process virtually stops! This parking capsule simulates desert-like air by removing most of the humidity from it.

It takes no new space as it is set up in your garage where your normally park. Included is the virtually airtight capsule with a zippered access door for the car and an door for the driver. You provide your own dehumidifier.

The capsule also protects your car from dust and dings. A dehumidifier doesn't function well in cool temperatures, but the humidity level is typically low during these times.





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