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About All Things Amphicar and Trailer

European sports were always on the leading edge of technology and performance. Consequently, I have always been a fan of them and have owned many. I have been an enthusiast for over 30 years. For the same reasons, I have owned Amphicars during that period. Amphicars are my favorite hobby.

Years ago I decided that I wanted to own a trailer for hauling my Amphicar on long trips. I couldn't find one that met my requirements, so I designed a small and light trailer. And then I had it built. Since so many owners were intrigued with my design and wanted one, I decided to sell them. I named the company "The Not So Big Trailer Company". That name is a take-off of "The Not So Big House", a well-known residential architecture book. These short and light trailers also appeal to many people that own short wheelbase cars, from Model Ts to Ferrari Dinos.

I also design small enclosed trailers, as well as providing a line of full-sized open and enclosed trailers that "Look like they are going 100 mph when they are parked". And one of our associates enjoys providing delivery services that are very affordable, so we deliver trailers all over the country.

I felt that someone needed to find all the Amphicars that were hiding in barns all over the country and to put them into the hands of enthusiasts that would use them. I had always heard that it was almost impossible to find Amphicars, and if you did, the owners all know they are worth a fortune and consequently very difficult to purchase. But I know car enthusiasts all over the country. They all have e-mail addresses and I have sent out hundreds of mass mailings telling that I am looking for Amphicars. I am shocked at all the leads I am getting. I am locating and buying Amphicars at reasonable prices; I have purchased over 20 since June of '04 when I started my hunt. I have helped put many cars back into service! I sell my finds below the market value. My goal is to find as many as I can, and to sell them as quickly as possible. The best way to sell them fast is to price them very competitively. And have built a reputation for honesty and integrity. Just ask any club member and my many satisfied customers.

One thing led to another, as my "Save and Rescue" mission has also helped me find lots of new and used parts. So I sell quality used parts at prices that are far below the price of new ones. And I sell the NOS parts that I acquire at a lower price than anyone else. I have also found numerous transmissions and lots of engines.

I have also designed and manufactured many Amphicar accessories that make the Amphicar even better. See the first items on the parts list for a description and prices. Photos are also shown.

I have assembled a knowledgeable Amphicar repair team. The NSB Trailer Company will complete any-sized Amphicar project with the attention to detail that a perfectionist would expect. We can also pick-up and deliver your car affordably.

1147cc, 1296cc, or 1500cc amphi engines. We rebuild your engine (avoid the problems of unproven engine re-builders). We have a variety of economical sources for parts, an expert motor machinist/assembler, and lots of experience with motors.

We have 1147s and 1296s amphi motors ready to rebuild. And shipping a motor is not prohibitively expensive. Availability, quality and price all matter! Contact us for details.
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