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The Original Not So Big Trailer


  • Total length with ramps in the vertical position is 15', 18' length with ramps extended, 7'-4 1/2" width, 14" height to the top of the tire channel.
  • Approximate weight of 800 lbs, 3,500 lb. gross weight, so the useable capacity is approximately 2,700 lb. The Amphicar weighs approximately 2,300 lbs.
  • 2"x 3"x 3/16" tongue tubes and frame, 3" 3.2 lb channel X members, 12" channel tire rails, ramps w/ floor plate, 2" class III coupler, axle position gives approx 10% tongue weight.
  • 15" white modular wheels, 205/75R15 load range C straight tread radials, 1,820 lbs. capacity each, fenders included
  • 1,750 lb. lead springs
  • Driver's door is open while loading to insure perfect centering on trailer
  • Extra long tongue to avoid damage in the event of a jack knife and allow for tight turning
  • DOT "all enclosed" lighting system; enclosed and weatherproof wiring, 2 brake/run/turn tail light mounted on ramps, 1 marker light on each side, 2 marker lights in the rear
  • Hook to allow loading of a non-running car onto the trailer using a "come-a-long" (not provided)
  • Fixed plate tongue jack
  • 2 DOT safety chains, proof coil 30
  • Indent in rear of frame to allow for drainage of Amphicar without draining onto the trailer frame
  • E-Z lube hubs
  • Industrial primer and "Rust-No-More" paint
  • Amphicar can be left on the trailer without the tow vehicle and moved by hand
  • Amphicar can be loaded and unloaded without the tow vehicle attached, using the optional rear support stabilizer stands

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